Cambridge Acoustics brings a wealth of experience to concert and festival noise control. From the relatively small scale to major events staged in in urban areas for tens of thousands of people, we provide our clients with the expertise they need to comply with licensing conditions whilst ensuring exceptional audience experience.

Our approach is to work closely in advance of the event with the regulatory authorities, promoters, sound engineers and sound system providers. A combination of pre-event planning, acoustic modelling, as well as on-the-day sound propagation tests ensures adherence to licensing conditions whilst ensuring exceptional experience.

Real time monitoring throughout events is key to ensure compliance. Throughout the event we are able to utilize remote sound monitoring systems to report real time noise levels at off site locations. These can be monitored at the mixing desk so that any problems can be readily resolved. Where this approach is not practical, monitoring locations can be manned permanently by our experienced technicians. Our goal is to ensure that our clients can maximise the audience experience whilst minimising the effects of the festival on nearby sensitive residents.