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Cambridge Acoustics

We are a professional independent acoustic consultancy business specialising in environmental noise-related problems. Get in touch

Planning & Noise

Our consultants offer services to both developers and local authorities in the provision of noise impact assessments. More...


We are experts in licensing and can lead you through the licensing process. We provide representation at licensing hearings and can save you time and money. More...

Concerts & Festivals

Real time monitoring throughout events is key. We provide our clients with the expertise they need to comply with licensing restrictions whilst ensuring exceptional audience experience. More...

Occupational Noise

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 place a duty on employers to assess their employees' risk from exposure to noise. We can help with these assessments. More...

Statutory Nuisance

Your Council has a legal duty to investigate complaints alleging statutory noise nuisance. We can help support you’re case to the Council or pursue private action.

Our team consists of experienced noise consultants holding membership in the Institute of Acoustics and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.
We pride ourselves on providing a reliable noise consultancy service at a low cost. Our broad client base includes developers, architects, festival/concert promoters, manufacturing businesses, solicitors, private individuals and local government.
Based in Cambridge, we operate on a regional and national basis. Working in innovative ways, we provide exceptional value for money in a competitive market.
This website lists our main services, but we do much more. Our advice is free, so for an informal discussion or a more formal quote please e-mail your enquiry and we will be in contact with you.

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